1`Sport Management Global will be servicing the Training, Development, Public Relations, Marketing, Personal, and Business needs of high profile professional athletes worldwide. A pioneer in the field, 1SMG we'll establish and maintain an exemplary reputation as THE, most powerful and influential Development, PR and Marketing firm in all of professional sports. As modern media and entertainment evolves, the line between sports and celebrity continues to disappear. 1SMG will rapidly acclaim the forefront of this growth and change in the industry and provide professional athletes with the tools to maximize their positions in play and in the public's eyes.

We understand that the career of an athlete does not begin nor end with playing contracts and emphasize the importance of working in conjunction with Trainers, Agents, Teams, Advertisers, and the Media to develop an athlete’s brand in and out of competition, within and outside of sports. We will empower the awareness to adopt the philosophy that a continual strategic PR and Marketing strategy is imperative to building and maintaining a foundation for career and post career relevance and sustainability. Adding the fresh approach and detailed attention of a company like 1SMG will allow athletes to take full advantage of the career enrichment that can be attained through our competition preparations, marketing, public relations, social media, and philanthropy efforts. 1SMG will aggressively seek influential opportunities for each of our clients to ensure that their brand not only remains relevant, but continues to grow, thrive, and influence. We will provide our clients with unparalleled concentrated service and as a result, will maintain athletes for their entire careers and even long into their post Professional careers.






            1`Sport Management Global         

                  "We don't reach for stars, we become them"


                                                             B. (Trey) Goodman Sr.

                                         Director Of 1SMG Operations                    

                        Mobile (323) 805-3135 Email 1SportOfLife@gmail.com           

 Brannen C. Goodman Jr

   2019 Antelope Valley College

     Fr, 6'3 260 @da_prxblem 

               DT, DE, TE, LB, SS 


 LaTeef (Python) Williams

              PRO MMA Fighter

       Grapler/Striker 6'1 205LBS

   STELLER Elite Sports Training

  Goal Oriented, Innovative & Dynamic

               Additional Training & Management Services Also Available
                                                                            Football                        Basketball
                                                                            Baseball                      Track & Field
                                                                      Body Building                   Martial Arts
                              Head Sports Trainer 
                           B. C. (Coach Trey) Goodman Sr.
"At 1`SMG, no one is denied an oportunity to achieve GREATNESS"
                 Former Multiple Pro Sports Athlete

1`SMG's unique approach to; Athletic Education, Training & Mentoring, is revolutionizing the defining operating platform for a more efficient and all enclusive "Sports Management" Operation.


"For it is only The awareness of past to present patterns, that identify the best corse of forward progress"    




                               GOAL OREINTATED TRAINING:


                         AGRESSIVE RECURITMENT SUPPORT:


                        CARRER COUNCLING & MENTORSHIP:




Customer Support:

     (323) 805-3135


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