Beyond Colloidal Silver…!!!

Unlike any other ppm liquid silver product, (colloidal, nano, etc;) this more advanced, “Silver Destroyer Miracle Solution”, has a gas like etheric characteristic, in that it has greater and more efficient cell wall penetrability into infected cells and facilitate proper elimination of waste. 


Silver Destroyer Miracle Solution is of a “Like Molecular Identity” to the water naturally present in the 60-70% water dominant human body. This is due to the use of a Natural Alkaline Earth and Distilled Filtration Process, [discovered by Naturpathic Researcher B. C. Goodman Sr. 4/28/17 and first used here at 1`Sport Of Life ’s ~ Applied Sciences 4 Wellness Support Department] which is absent of any man contaminated memory. 1 Sport  Of Life's Bio`Molec Silver never undergoes Reverse Osmosis, (which removes the nutrients and essential trace elements, but not VOCs like chlorines) thus preserving the Indigenous Molecular Memory and Natural Kinetic Energy of The Silver Destroyer Miracle Solution's, “Earth Sourced Direct, Vapor Distilled Alkaline Water”. 


The Silver Destroyer Miracle Solution’s Origins

Foundations Of Life, Silver Destroyer Miracle Solution has no equal.  It contains Vapor Distilled, Structured Alkaline water (with high purity) and extremely small silver particles (with a purity of 99.99% or higher and a size 0,062 nm).  It is produced via electrolysis and high frequency electromagnetic pulses that transmit information from the silver molecules into the water’s. As a result, each water molecule carries within its own memory "Charge" of silver. Its chemical composition remains the same.  When silver undergoes this transformation, it loses its identity as a trace element that can no longer be identified as separate particles, and acts more like a gas. Giving Bio`Molec Silver its unique high penetration performance capability to break thru the “Blood Brain Barrier”  into cells, up to 100% (as opposed to the lower percentage colloidal silver, less than 20%)

Foundations Of Life ~ Silver Destroyer Miracle Solution is non toxic and it does not produce any negative side effects. This supplement has been extensively tested on many people (including our founder) with a variety of ailments with successes so impressive it is hard to believe…

It is said that no other single agent known to man currently can compare itself to silver when it comes to safely killing the microorganisms that are responsible for disease.

There are over 650 pathogens, and not one of them have been reported to survive for more than 8 minutes in the presence of silver.   



Structured Vapor Distilled Water, Alkaline Minerals, Organic Silver Mineral Elements. 





*Anti - Bacterial, Viral, Parasitic, Pathogenic, Fungal, Microbial

*An Eye Wash For Pink Eye and other Eye infections

*An Oral Antibiotic Rinse For Gum Infections

*A Wound Disinfectant

*...And More...


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The Silver (Destroyer) Miracle Solution with Bio Molecular Structured Silver

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