The 1’SPORT OF LIFE Natural Healing Program Is The First Step Towards Regaining An Optimized Quality Of Life. What this means is more energy, improved muscular strength, healthier looking, Eyes-Hair-Skin-&-Nails and an elevated immunity to sicknesses and diseases. The foods that we consume are the only deciding factor for constructing and sustaining an optimally healthy functioning body. Everything from our circulatory & cardiovascular Blood/Oxygen) system, brain/nerves/neurological out-put, energy production, hormonal balances, and trillions of cell life are literally the product of what they absorb. Therefore, what you digest, assimilate and absorb into your cells literally becomes the fabric of your body. When you eat, the enzymes within the food help to break it down while your body absorbs the nutrients, a process which not only gives the body energy, but also helps to digest and eliminate the remaining waste of the food product. However, because of the low enzyme and nutritional levels of cooked, refined and processed foods, there is very little nutrients within the food for the body to absorb. Furthermore, because of this lack of natural enzymes in the food, the body must use its own enzyme storage to break it down. Consequently, the body not only has lower health and energy levels, but poorer elimination as well. Waste that is supposed to be eliminated is instead stored within the body, resulting in high cholesterol and blood pressure, increased weight gain, diseases and even death. 1’SPORT OF LIFE – Nutrition’s Raw supplements puts a stop to and reverses the degenerative effects caused by this life destroying process.

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    We are health consultants and provide suggestions and guidance relating to nutritional and fitness performance. 

    The State of New York Supreme Court classified our "Nutriceutical" products as “natural vegetation cell food” in 1988. As a result, when you take them you will have fed your cells.

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