1 Sport Of Life Presents This 100 % All Natural & Vegetarian, Advanced Multiple Vitamin/Mineral/Herbal/Nutrient supplement UTILIZES THE HIGHEST QUALITY Non-GMO, Soy & Gluten Free This all-inclusive Multi Formula is a top competitor amongst it's peers.
With today's fast paced lifestyle it is difficult to maintain balanced nutrition on a daily basis. This is the best Multivitamin supplement to take if you were to choose one. Foundation's Of LIFE Liquid Multi offers a one stop solution to help balance your diet with the most important vitamin and high quality complexes clinically shown to promote overall health and maintain your bodies proper balance of vitamins and minerals.

This all-encompassing Multi-nutrient supplement tastes great with a wild berry like flavor, is sweetened with organic plant extracts and fruit juices, so everyone in your family will enjoy taking it.

1 Sport Of Life ~ Foundation's Of LIFE, Liquid MultiNutrient Formula

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    • Are you eating unbalanced meals?
    • Do you consume GMO Produce & Other Foods?
    • Have trouble sleeping?
    • Are you pregnant or planning to be?
    • Are you breast-feeding?
    • Ill or have medical conditions?
    • Are you often Stressed?
    • Are you Lactose intolerant?
    • Are you a Vegetarian?
    • Do you consum tobacco or alcohol?
    • Are you depressed?
    • Do you ingage in Frequent Exercise which more rapidly depletes nutrient stores?

    Foundation's Of LIFE, Liquid Multivitamin Is An ULTRA-PREMIUM LIQUID MULTINUTRIENT MULTIVITAMIN designed to give you MAXIMUM ABSORPTION (98%) of essential vitamins and minerals in an easy to consume 1-ounce super shot.

    FORMULATED BY NATURAL HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS & INDUSTRY EXPERTS, Foundation's Of LIFE, Liquid Multivitamin is your "One Shot Wonder" of an ELITE Super Foods vitamin supplement - Packed with DOZENS of superfoods ingredients tested and proven to help you FEEL BETTER.


    • Mental, Cardiovascular & Muscular Health and Endurance - *Vitamin B Complex, *Omega 3, 6, 9, Iron & *Amino Acids

    • Immunity/Antioxidant Cellular Protection - Vitamin B Complex, *Vitamin C & *Vitamin E

    • Efficient Metabolism Function - *Vitamins A, *Vitamin C, *Vitamin D3, *Selenium, *Zinc & *Chromium

    • Joints (Ligaments, Cartilage) and Bones - *Vitamins A, *Vitamin C, *Vitamin D3, Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc

    Since our bodies are specifically designed to identify, assimilate and utilize nutrients best when they come from Real, Mother Earth producing food, nutrients consumed into our bodies should be readily assembled in synergistic harmony, so as their uniquely specific "Bio`Chemical Helpers" may efficiently communicate, telling our bodies exactly where and how to most optimally utilize each and every nutrient.

    Acknowledging that HEAT, is a Nutrient's worst enemy. Boiling, static Friction (caused by juicing using motorized blades) and Heat Drying, (both which are the most common supplement manufacturing methods used by Vitamin supplement producers to dry juices and pulp into powder forms) destroy vital Vitamin, Mineral & Enzymatic activity. disabling their ability to effectively nourish our body's 37.2 Trillion Cells. While a diet rich in raw, whole foods is the best way to consume nutrients, if you are going to supplement, embrace this Natur`Sci, liquid multivitamin formula wonder, formulated with raw, Cold Processed, Cold Filled & Cold Pressed whole food sourced vitamins and minerals.

    ...So Is This Your Multivitamin?

    No more mixing and matching dozens of ineffective pills & capsules that just don't work.

    The 1`Sport Of Life ~ Nutrition, Foundation's Of LIFE, Liquid Multivitamin Formula is Simply Better.

    Research indicates that all of the 200 plus nutrients included in our Foundation's Of LIFE, Liquid Multi Supplement, combined have the highest bioavailability for our body. This means maximum absorption, maximum effect, and therefore maximum benefit for you.

    We start with medicinal grade water quality, free of all toxins, then next add an aray of vitamins, plant-derived minerals, super food botanicals, antioxidants, and branched-chain amino acids with none of the artificial fillers you'll see in other products. Every time we produce a batch of Foundation's Of LIFE, Liquid Multivitamin, we test every single ingredient to ensure its super high quality & authenticity.


    Research Based Proprietary Formula
    Foundation's Of LIFE, Liquid Multivitamin was developed with the full participation and support of leading Natural Health Professionals & Natural Healing Doctors (ND)  Scientists & Cellularly Advanced Nutritional Formulators. Extensive and Exhaustive research suggested which ingredients, formulation and methods of processing would yeild highest quality, the most effective, and the safest for you. 1 Sport Of Life ~ Nutrition will continue to bring you the highest, science-based and  effective nutrition every time.


    Our Commitment To Our 1`Sport Of Life Customers !
    We are: 100% Vegetarian, Sugar Free, Yeast Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Free of Eggs or Egg Products, Free of Fish Products or Shellfish. No Artificial Colors or Flavors. No Animal Testing. No Fructose or Sucrose, GUARANTEED
    Foundations Of LIFE goes in the fridge with all the rest of the healthy stuff. You won't find our products sitting on shelves for years on end losing their effectiveness like most supplements at your local health store.


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     (323) 805-3135


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