Look For Either The U.S. (NIOSH) Or The Internationally Excepeted GB2626-2006 Filtration Testing Confirmations.


As recognized by both The State of California and The U.S. Civilian Corps of Medical Professionals, 1 Sport Of Life Global is commited to supplying only the highest quality Medical Health Supplies available. Our KN95 masks are the highest International Standard for antibacterial and antiviral respiratory equipment, with a non-woven design that has been tested 99% Bacteria and 95% Particulates Filtration Efficiency, greater than .3 microns.


Our 4 ply KN95 masks are considered respiratory protective equipment that conform to GB2626-2006 standards. GB2626-2006 is the only Internationally recognized testing standard that is comprable to the now scarce U.S. Medical NIOSH standard. They offer a significant level protection over standard surgical blue 3 ply masks or other non-FDA recognized and non-standard tested KN95 masks. Don't be fooled by counterfeit masks that CAN NOT bare the FDA, CE and GB2626-2006 printings on the ACTUAL masks. Fancy stylish masks with cylinder vents should also be avoid when optimal protection is preferred.


The round cylinder vents designed for better air flow will only increase your chances of Microbial exposure by allowing entrance via the air vent. Those masks can not obtain NIOSH or GB2626-2006 Approvals. Only FDA Registered KN95 Masks with GB2626-2006 standards are approved by the CDC as acceptable replacements if N95 NIOSH masks are unavailable*.


These masks are manufactured in FDA certified factories and provide protection against harmful airborne matter based on the KN95 specifications, level 1. These are not meant as a replacement to the N95 NIOSH masks; rather, an alternative source as indicated in the CDC link below and for civil use.


For a comparison of the KN95 to the N95, please click this link -


10 FDA Registered International Medical KN95 Antiviral Respirator Mask


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